Mashado na akong tinatamad to make an entry. Either wala ako maisip or madami ako mashadong gustong i-blog na hindi ko na alam anong unahin. Hmm. Pero I always check blogs, yun nga lang parang ghost ako lately. 

I will be active after board, since I hafta focus na starting next week. Anxiety level is now elevating. 

Thank you friends at di kayo nag-uunfollow kahit na ako active. Will be back soon. Much love from me! :)

There’s this boy and he kinda has my heart. :) #lovelove #R #vscocom

There’s this boy and he kinda has my heart. :) #lovelove #R #vscocom

I don’t get you people. What have you eaten your entire life? Bitter gourd?

Don’t you get old and mind own business. Get a life! Oh wait, I guess you don’t have one. Lakas makealam eh. Nakakaiyak naman kasi ang babait eh. :)

I’ve not done any decent entry lately. Activity’s slowly going down. Been very lazy. It so hard for me to open laptop and try to put together my ideas, thoughts and whatsoever. So what I do just hit heart button and like everybody’s post. Yes, if it’s good one. Lol

Random words again. Flight of ideas. Hahaha. I can’t help myself, even a decent word atm. I don’t have any. Okay, just Good Evening and be safe Tumple — (Tumblr + People). Hugs and Kisses from me!

Once upon a time on a Sunday bliss.

Before saturday ends, I figured out something which led me to not-totally-burst-out-but-just-more-of-my-usual-kaartehan. So Ric had hard time to have a good conversation with me. We slept not fixing whatever happened but I knew that time both sides were fine, so I didnt have that much of nocturnal.
Sunday obligation — Time to thank our most powerful and loving Almighty Father. Ric fetch me and we went to church and Fort Pilar right after the mass. Passed by the nearest ( and the usual store I step in to ) to buy loom bands for orders. Went home right after ze errands and fed our not-so-starving tummies. Stayed home and cuddled the whole afternoon.
It’s just so amazing and fulfilling spending quality time with your love ones at the most comfy and cozy place.
That’s it for a full of love Sunday. :)

Been missing my hair. Sigh* #nofilter #vscom

Been missing my hair. Sigh* #nofilter #vscom

What I’ve deen doing today~

Just to remind myself that I shouldn’t stop from dating with Brunners & Saunders because upcoming review is fast approaching. But what I did today was to get a little air and catch some Love & Misadvantage.
Since we have unpredictable weather lately, Ric & I decided to dip into satti. Hahaha. Ofcrse not litterally. And because Kuya Ric loves me and loves to feed me, he again provided me my all time fave Mango float made by his Mom. Such yuummmm! I enjoyed every bit of it.
Nevertheless, I want to Thank You Lord God for all the blessings you’ve shared this week. :))))

We celebrated my Sister’s 18th Birthday at Pizzaro’s Pool at Montesino last July 2, Wednesday. We celebrated together with our closest friends and some of our relatives. I myself was losing my hope to pursue the party because of the very unpredictable weather. I even went to town with Ric on my very very wet attire. Before we went to town, we (Ric and I) were planning to take a dip for a second on to the pool, but my Mom was such a bummer and asked us to buy something which we had no choice but to go to town. Our very first and last try. I swear. T.T Anyways, it was an experience we won’t ever forget. Upon reaching at Montesino, we both went to shower and jumped together on the pool. Body quenching it was. Hahaha!

So here are some of the pictures at the said event. 

Find me. Dali. Hahahaha. I think I’m the eldest yet the smallest. Ahuhu. Loljk. Ht doesn’t matter. Haha. The spirit in me! The Debutant’s 18 Candles. ^

The 18 Roses. Find Koya Ric. :) Haha

My Litol Big Sister at her Glam Silver Top with Blue Skirt. Ayyy. She’s Young Lady now. ^__^ Pero maldita parin. Hahahaha. But I lover her kahit ganyan yan. :”)

Obviously, I got my ht from my Father. I’m the only petite in the Family if it isn’t obvious. Hahaha. We four look so close on the picture pero kame lang ni Mama, Jazz ang close. Papa’s always out kasi with his some friends. Bc he can’t relate to us. Girls talk, you know. ♥

I still have a lot here, but I guess not my job to publish it all. Too tired for that. This is all I have for tonight. :)

Happy Birthday Little Big Sister. I’m speechless and I don’t know why. I’m happy that you’re finally a Lady now — Young Lady. Thank you for being a listener, supportive sister and heartbreak buddy. Hahaha! Joke ba. Anyway, I love you no matter what. Always be Gorg and Fab.

Happy Birthday Twin! ♥

Happy Birthday Little Big Sister. I’m speechless and I don’t know why. I’m happy that you’re finally a Lady now — Young Lady. Thank you for being a listener, supportive sister and heartbreak buddy. Hahaha! Joke ba. Anyway, I love you no matter what. Always be Gorg and Fab.

Happy Birthday Twin! 

To my Litol Big sister, Happy 18th Birthday! 

Ayyy. Later na the message, teary eyes me.Hahahaha! Basta, enjoy your day lang. Be happy and get ready for the spotlight! Stay glam! I love you. :*

I’m depriving myself from people whom I can lean and share my problems with. It feels like crying whenever I get myself alone. Mixed emotions. I just want to scream every time I think of the things I shouldn’t. I must be strong and get myself prepared. I must understand that I can’t please everyone to listen to my endless rants. Sigh*

Thank you Lord you never have left me everytime I feel the weakest. And thank you Tumblr, you’re my only secret buddy. For now, I just have to face people like I’m fine. Everything happen’s for a reason. :)


I’m so much proud of my friends! Huhuhu. One prayer answered! Thank you Lord! :)))

I should’ve taken it last May, but I know everything happens for a reason. Please inculcate in your mind Marrrrg! There’s purpose for that. Kakayin ko to. I know He’ll be with me no matter what. To God to be the Glory, November takers ^___^

Again, Congrats friends. :)

Been with lately….

As with my previous post, I’m up with this loom band bracelet-making. Not addicted to it, but I do it for money. Hahaha. A little tiring but I enjoy somehow. 

Secondly.. Obviously, I am very busy with my sister’s upcoming debut. Been planning/organizing/budgeting and purchasing. Hmm, sounds very familiar duties. LMR? Hahaha. Well, because Mama’s alone and no one can help her with these things but me. Since I’m still waiting for August review, ako nalang muna tutulong. And yes, I am sacrificing my complexion for this. Huhhuhuhu. Cry na me. Hmm. Party will be on July 2. We had a team work last night, ( my sister and I) we slept at 5am just to finish everything. Customized and beautify the invitations. Huuuuh. 

  • Give away done
  • Invitation done

And more to come. Hahahaha. I can’t do it anymore. Loljk sister. Sigi lang. Just after this month will focus with the review na. So help me God. 

Torn between Adzu and RNIRC. -___- But I know my heart belong’s to RN. Papa wants me to enroll in Adzu. Idk why. Pero gusto ko RN. Ok lang man if Adzu. I have few time to decide which review center to enroll.

Then here goes my bestfriend, Jann. Encouraging me to stay with him in Davao and enroll in the same review center. The offer sounds very verrrry accommodating. And I can sense savings there. Walking distance lang kasi ang RC, and no TV and internet. I guess? Hahaha. But the malls. Same goes with RC, walking distance. Pero hindi naman ako pupunta to waste money diba. Pero to think, Jann is with me. How can I even save money. Hahahahaha! Joke ba. Hmm. If he can convince my Uncle, I’ll probably stay with him there. Pero kung hindi, it’s ok. Nasa tao naman talaga yan, not with the review center.