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“Friendship is the hardest thing in the world to explain. It’s not something you learn in school. But if you haven’t learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven’t learned anything.” - Muhammad Ali


Nursing is not easy as melting ze cotton candy on your tongue. Not as easy as writing your name at the top most of an intermediate sheet and not easy as eating your favorite dessert under a cherry blossom with someone you love. Its a matter of understanding and putting your life into it. 

I’m thankful that they are the people who were with me while I’m taking the path to my dreams. God has his reasons why are they the people who helped and taught me everything that I need. 

*Wearing our ink-ed uniform

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“You are my best friend as well as my lover, and I do not know which side of you I enjoy the most. I treasure each side, just as I have treasured our life together.”  - Nicholas SparksThe Notebook

You are the best thing I have now, second to my Family. Saving me from pain and loving me unconditional is the best thing that happened to me. Thank you for always putting the curves of my smile. For teaching me how to become a better person. I love you the most, Ric. 

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"One of the hardest things to find…. TRUE FRIENDSHIP" - Manang
Bff’s at our best! ♥

"One of the hardest things to find…. TRUE FRIENDSHIP" - Manang

Bff’s at our best! ♥

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Feeling grateful and very blessed. Thank You Lord God for everything! :)

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Because he (Ric) is asking for this… And I might regret this. Hahaha #Shorty #Boyfie’sRequest

Because he (Ric) is asking for this… And I might regret this. Hahaha #Shorty #Boyfie’sRequest

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Pinning Selfie. #Portrait

Pinning Selfie. #Portrait

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Finally! 38th Pinning Ceremony #Pinned

Finally! 38th Pinning Ceremony #Pinned

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Less than 10hrs  left. :)) Thank you Lord! #38thPinningCeremony #April1

Less than 10hrs left. :)) Thank you Lord! #38thPinningCeremony #April1

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Sisterlurv #Sis #Pink

Sisterlurv #Sis #Pink

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Happy Birthday Patootieharthart <3 I love you :* #20  #boyfie #lablab

Happy Birthday Patootieharthart <3 I love you :* #20 #boyfie #lablab

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March 13, 2014. 

One of my most precious days this year. Had dinner with Ric, Jaz ( my younger sister), Shim and my ever loving and supportive Mommy! 

On the spot errand. Our feet led us at Tebi and Sean. It was my very first time to sing right beside my boyfriend. World record it is. I know and I admit, I am a frustrated singer. And so with him, that makes us a kyutii patoootie oneey. Hahaha! Whatever. Relieving one! It’s only my Mom and Shim ( I guess) who were blessed with good voice. But that’s fine with me. Private naman eh, kaya I all had the freedom to show off my beeyutipool voice. ^____^ T’was also my first time to play the Beerpong and I really had fun.

My friends are planning to celebrate Leah’s birthday at the same place. I can’t wait for that day! :)

Q & A
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Anonymous asked: Really? 1st & last love mo siya? Cool! :]

Honestly and fortunately, YES! :) 

I just hope and pray that he’d be the last guy that I will be sharing my love with.  

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First love is important, but last love is very important. First love changes nature, but last love changes life.Hii First and Last love ♥

First love is important, but last love is very important. First love changes nature, but last love changes life.

Hii First and Last love 

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My friends often say, AY! ARTISTA YAN!” 


And I tell my self, “Yes, keep it up, Marg!”

Why so… Referring to my friends’ line… It’s a miracle when I add you as friend on facebook. I follow you on twitter. And say Hi in person. Idk when did I start doing this. Maybe in the first couple of months on facebook, I’m the one sending people friend requests. Shempre yung mga kilala ko lang diba, and when I think I need something to that person. Well… Just a communication, if you may think. Hmm. How do I explain this feeling.

Eh kasi ayaw ko magfeeling ang taong inadd ko sa facebook. Ayaw ko na magfeeling artista siya sakin. Ayaw ko na i-add ko siya tapos mag-arte arte sakin in person. Ayaw ko na magsupermega feeling siya na I admire her/him. Demet. Ayaw ko nga ganyan. Yes, hindi ako nag-aadd, and I rant this way pero I never felt any of what I’ve mentioned. Everytime I see a friend request on facebook I always feel overwhelmed. Na kahit some people put labels on me like “Mataray" "Maldita" and etc, eh gusto pala nila ako maging friend. Kahit sa facebook lang. Pero kung ina-add naman ako, and pansinin ako in person, ok lang naman yun sakin, or friends na kame in person tapos i-add ako. Better that way. Basta. Magulo na. The same thing with Twitter. -_____-

And relating to Ric’s line. Aminado ako. Sobrang mapride ako. It’s really hard for me to say sorry especially when I’m innocent about what’s the blame on me. I even choke sometimes whenever I attempt to say the word. And most often, I’m having second thoughts asking for apology. I don’t deserve the treatment in the first place. Hmm. Sometimes, even I’m the person to be blame, still hard for me to say sorry. I admit the crime,but one sorry is enough. AND I GET PISSED WHEN MY APOLOGY IS NOT ACCEPTED! HOW DARE YOU REJECT THAT. Ang hirap na nga magsorry and ibaba ang pride tapos wala lang sayo? Putragis naman. KUng si Lord nga pinapatawad ako sa mga kasalana ko as well as my Mom, tapos yung taong inaksaya ko lng ng sorry hindi tatanggapin? Shet naman. Sino ka pra ireject yan. WHEN EVEN FOR FACT WALA NAMAN TALAGA AKO KASALANAN!

Ay nako. I’m just pissed off tonight! Nagssorry na ako kahit hindi ako sure na may kasalanan ako pero balewala lng. -___- Haynako. Nevermind nalang. Once I did my part, I won’t dare to do it twice. Grabe talaga. Grabe! Sana marealize nyo yan ha!


2WENTIN| REGISTERED NURSE (In few months later| ♥'s pumping for the Future Engr, Ric| BREATHING | Sharmaign Dagalea is ze name| OR NURSE in the making/SURGEON wanna be!

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